Jungkook’s Seven music video sets YouTube burning, gathering 39M perspectives in 24 hours

Jungkook’s Seven music video sets YouTube burning, gathering 39M perspectives in 24 hours


Jungkook, the brilliant maknae of the K-pop sensation BTS, has at long last uncovered his exceptionally expected performance single, ‘Seven’, following quite a while of expectation from ARMYs around the world.

The arrival of ‘Seven’ was joined by a dazzling music video, shared on YouTube and Twitter by HYBE Names. Inside a simple 24 hours, the MV collected a surprising 39 million perspectives, hardening Jungkook’s worldwide strength. Breaking records left and right, ‘Seven’ guaranteed the sought after #1 spot in a surprising 100 nations, making it the quickest melody to accomplish such an accomplishment ever. It required simply over 2.5 hours for ‘Seven’ to outperform past records, immovably laying out Jungkook as an awe-inspiring phenomenon in the music business.

The music video for ‘Seven’ highlights famous K-show entertainer Han So-hee and American rapper Latto, portraying a tempestuous connection among Jungkook thus hee. The MV opens with a warmed contention between the couple in an upscale cafĂ©, which heightens as the foundation unexpectedly bursts into flames.

Devotees of BTS, known as ARMYs, are fainting over Jungkook’s new depiction as a committed beau in the music video. He takes incredible measures to win back his accomplice’s warmth. Albeit ‘Seven’ denotes his authority worldwide performance debut, Jungkook has recently delivered effective singles, for example, ‘My Time’, ‘Still With You’, and ‘Rapture’, though as free tracks.

In a meeting with Assortment, the hotshot shared that ‘Seven’ addresses a more experienced and developed rendition of himself. When the music video dropped, ARMYs ejected with fervor and commendation for Jungkook’s acting abilities, vocals, and visuals.


The remarks segment on the video spilled over with reverence from fans around the world, with one remark shouting, “Love the delightful way ‘Seven’ grandstands Jungkook’s capacity to try different things with various classifications. This tune pushes limits and demonstrates that he won’t hesitate to investigate new sounds.”

Another remark communicated, “I totally love this tune… the energy is astounding, Jungkook’s vocals, the beat, the verses, the MV (the acting of JK and Sohee)… it’s all extraordinary! We really are the most fortunate being a fan on the planet.”

One fan summarized the feelings of many, saying, “Jungkook being the kind of darling to be so given to you that he would follow you to unimaginable lengths and love you.”

With ‘Seven’, Jungkook has by and by caught the hearts of ARMYs around the world, exhibiting his huge ability and flexibility as an independent craftsman. As the music video keeps on piling up perspectives and honors, obviously Jungkook’s star power exceeds all logical limitations.

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