‘Trump on steroid’: Indian American Hirsh Vardhan Singh enters 2024 US President race

‘Trump on steroid’: Indian American Hirsh Vardhan Singh enters 2024 US President race

Indian American Hirsh Vardhan Singh has given it a shot to join the jam-packed conservative field for the workplace of the US President.

Singh turned into the third Indian American to join the race for the conservative designation after previous legislative head of South Carolina Nikki Haley and business visionary Vivek Ramaswamy.

Taking to X, previously known as Twitter, Singh posted a video and said he is a “deep rooted conservative” and “America First” moderate who attempted to reestablish a moderate wing of the New Jersey Conservative Faction.

He pummeled the “defilement” of Huge Tech and drug firms, saying they had “determinedly went after our opportunities.”

“There’s a hard and fast assault on American family values, parental freedoms and the commercial center of thoughts and open discussions. We really want solid administration to turn around the progressions that have happened in the beyond couple of years and reestablish American qualities. To that end I have chosen to look for the Conservative Alliance’s designation for the 2024 political decision for the workplace of leader of the US,” he said.

Singh, a specialist who, as per The Slope, has fruitlessly campaigned for different positions in New Jersey as of late, pitched his bid as a “unadulterated blood” Conservative and extended himself as a big fan of previous president Donald Trump.

“While President Trump was without a doubt the best leader of my lifetime, and had my help as a MAGA conservative since Day 1, America needs more,” Hirsh Vardhan Singh said.

“My record as major areas of strength for a conservative returns to my college days when I joined the Youthful Americans for Freedom. In the new past, I went against the strategies that look to trap us in a whole new universal conflict, drove the battle against monetary lockdowns and drove tremendous dissent rallies against mandatory inoculations,” he added.

“Today I’m the main unadulterated blood contender for president since I never yielded to the Coronavirus inoculations. Indeed, even New Jersey Senate president named me as Trump on steroids. Now is the right time to move past obsolete legislators of a former period.”

On Thursday, he officially presented his candidature to the Government Political race Commission.

Singh entered the conservative primaries for New Jersey lead representative in 2017 and 2021, a House seat in 2018, and the Senate in 2020, yet he couldn’t get the party’s gesture,

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